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Gates Learjet 25B

Gates Learjet 25B specifications


Gathered information on what year the aircraft was produced

  • 1975
  • 1972
  • 1974
  • 1973
  • 1971
  • 1976
  • 1970
  • 1966


  • Fixed wing multi engine
  • Fixed wing single engine


Number of passengers the aircraft can carry

Gates Learjet 25B number of seats: 10


Number of engines installed on the aircraft

Gates Learjet 25B number of engines: 2


Type of engines used in the aircraft of this model

  • Turbojet
  • Reciprocating
  • Turbofan
  • Turbo-prop


  • General Electric CJ610-5
  • General Electric CJ610
  • General Electric CJ-610-8A
  • General Electric CJ610-5&6
  • General Electric CJ610-5/6
  • General Electric CJ610-6
  • General Electric CJ610-SER
  • Cont Motor IO 520 SERIES
  • Ge CJ610-SER
  • Ge CJ610-5&6
  • General Electric CJ610-1/4
  • General Electric CJ610-8&9
  • Ge CJ610-8&9
  • Lycoming IO-540 SER
  • Lycoming IO-540-C4B5
  • Lycoming 0-290 SERIES
  • General Electric CJ 610
  • Ama/expr UNKNOWN ENG
  • Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp


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Yugoslav Air Force, Kingston Air Service, Corporate Air Ltd, Execaire Aviation Ltd, Brooker Wheaton Aviation Ltd, Skycharter Ltd, Air Traffic GmbH, Ulrich B. Erpenbeck & Partner GmbH, Actividades Aereas Aragonesas S.A, Smurfit Ltd, CSE Aviation Ltd, Transair Suisse S.A., Saudi Research & Development (REDEC), PRAM-ITALIA, Prelloyd, Dian Richa de Tienda, Calspan Corp, WORLD JET INC, Wing Financial Llc, Usa Jet Airlines Inc, DUNCAN AVIATION INC, Avitrans Inc, R.C. Fisher, Savannah Foods & Industries Incorporated, N114HC LLC, DGF & ASSOCIATES INC, Beaver Valley Flying Club Inc, Air Trio Llc, Tyler Jet Llc, Black Shadow Llc, Valdosta Mall Inc, AERO DEL INC, Epps Air Service, Kalitta Charters Llc, Royal Air Freight Inc, Travel Jets Ii Llc, Combs Gates Denver, 187ca Llc, Kando Jet Llc, West Coast Air Charter Incorporated, Mar El Aviation Inc, Fred S. Shaulis, NORTHWESTERN AIRCRAFT CAPITAL CORP, MJI Management Jets International, Jetco Inc, Jet Charters Service Incorporated, Freebird 1 Llc, Creative Aviation, C.A.E.S. Llc, Source Investments Llc, A D Bowen Corporation, Forza Aviation Inc, Aerojet-General Corporation, AZTEC CAPITAL CORP, Kalitta Charters, Manesis Aerospace Llc, Premier Jets Inc, PLM Incorporated, Ati Jet Sales Llc, Airplanes Inc. Delaware, Rockford Motors Incorporated, Elg Air Llc, White Industries Inc, Compass Foods Incorporated, Fred Shaulis, Boston Fidelity Financial Llc, Rollins Incorporated, Maxfly Aviation Inc, Comair, Mar-el Aviation Inc, JET CHARTER GROUP INC, Chapman Commodities, South Central Aviation Inc, Jaicor America Incorporated, NEW CREATIONS INC, COMBS GATES DENVER INC, Corporate Jets Inc. (out of business), Aircraft Trading Inc, Fleet Unlimited Inc, Valeron Corporation, Church's Fried Chicken Incorporated, Carpenter Enterprises, Charter Airlines Llc, Eugene Spitz, Kickerillo Company, Del Monte Bananas, William L. Mayer, IT & ASSOCIATES INC, American International Airways, UNIVERSAL JET AVIATION INC, Jet Logistics Inc, Prestolite Corporation, Suntree Jet Services Incorporated, Barron Thomas Scottsdale Llc, Merit Capital Llc, SIERRA AMERICAN CORPORATION, Bella Air Llc, Spirit Aviation, AMERICAN JET INTERNATIONAL CORP, RODATZ FINANCIAL GROUP INC, Mike Naughton Ford Inc, JESCAR LLC, Air Kaman Inc, CAREER AIR INC, Sprite Flite Incorporated, Lanter Eye Care And Laser Surgery Pc, Ial Corp, John Mecom Company, Dodson International Parts Inc, Lear 25 Llc, General Crude Oil Company, Covenant Sales & Leasing Inc, Aero Nash Inc, Butler National Inc, Wilson Air Llc, N92sh Llc, Lojs Aviation Llc Trustee, Banco do Credito del Peru, Abelag Aviation, TAM Táxi Aéreo Marilia S.A., Táxi Aéreo Marilia, Baltic Jet Air Company, Aero JL S.A., Golden Aviation de Mexico S. A, Aero Ventas S. A., Aerotaxis de Mexico, Aero Renta De Coahuila S.A., Aero Ejecutivo De Baja California S.A., Lineas Aereas Ejecutivos


Yugoslavia, Oman, Kingston Ontario K7M 4M1 Canada, Kingston Ontario Canada, Dorval Quebec H9P 1A2 Canada, Edmonton Alberta T5G 2T8 Canada, Mississauga Ontario L5S 1B2 Canada, Germany, Zaragoza Spain, France, United Kingdom, Kidlington Oxford United Kingdom, Switzerland, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Milan Italy, Argentina, Buffalo NY 14225 United States, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309 United States, Las Vegas NV 89102 United States, Belleville MI 48111 United States, Lincoln NE 68501 United States, Wilmington DE 19899 United States, West Palm Beach Florida United States, Savannah Georgia United States, Tulsa OK 741151400 United States, Dallas TX 752352612 United States, United States, 700 N St Marys Ste 800 San Antonio TX 782053596 United States, Wilmington DE 19808 United States, White City OR 97503 United States, Duluth GA 30136 United States, Wilmington DE 19801 United States, Atlanta Georgia United States, Ypsilanti MI 48198 United States, Reno NV 89510 United States, Waterford MI 48327 United States, Oklahoma City OK 73142 United States, Denver Colorado United States, Carson City NV 89706 United States, Pomona California United States, Nashville TN 37217 United States, Friedens Pennsylvania United States, Anchorage AK 995021807 United States, Lincoln Nebraska United States, Tulsa Oklahoma United States, 6750 Longe St Stockton CA 95206 United States, Xxx OK 73125 United States, Wilmington DE 19803 United States, Abilene Texas United States, Key Biscayne FL 33149 United States, Ontario California United States, Fort Lauderdale FL 333092702 United States, West Allis WI 53227 United States, Houston TX 77063 United States, Hillsboro OR 97124 United States, Billings Montana United States, New Orleans LA 70112, Brownsville TX 78526 United States, Reno NV 89504 United States, Wilmington Delaware United States, Rockford Illinois United States, Birmingham AL 35255 United States, Bates City MO 64011 United States, Farmersville TX 75442 United States, Wilmington DE 19801, omaha N 68107, Springfield IL 62708 United States, Fort Lauderdale Florida United States, Columbus OH 43219, Stapleton International Airport Denver CO 80207, West Mifflin PA 15122 United States, Miami FL 33173 United States, Pasadena CA 91103 United States, Oak Park Michigan United States, Chicago IL 60666 United States, Attn Douglas Kalitta Ypsilanti MI 48198 United States, Texas United States, Las Vegas NV 89146 United States, Morton Pennsylvania United States, Houston Texas United States, Miami Florida United States, Yukon OK 730997928 United States, Lakeview Oregon United States, Boca Raton FL 334316409 United States, Raleigh NC 27675 United States, Toledo Ohio United States, Melbourne Florida United States, Wilmington DE 19810 United States, Carson City NV 89701 United States, 2711 Centerville Rd Ste 120 Wilmington DE 19808 United States, San Antonio TX 78259 United States, Houston TX 770614731 United States, Wilmington DE 198998702 United States, Aurora CO 80012 United States, Phoenix AZ 850344408 United States, Windsor Locks CT United States, Ft Lauderdale FL 33315, Kalispell Montana United States, Indianapolis IN 46280 United States, Rantoul KS 66079 United States, West Columbia SC 29170 United States, Atlanta GA 303496024 United States, Pmb 5247 Wilmington DE 19805 United States, Missoula MT 59804 United States, Olathe KS 66062 United States, New Castle DE 19720 United States, Indianapolis IN 46217 United States, Doral FL 33172 United States, Okla City OK 73125 United States, Lima Peru, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Sao Paulo Brazil, Sweden, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Guadalajara Mexico, Monterrey Mexico, Mexico City Mexico


  • YU-BRA
  • Nuestra Senora del Pilar

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